Not quite ready to Feng Shui your main floor? 

Let's start with SHIFTING THE ENERGY with 3 Feng Shui cures!

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Let's get the energy flowing in your home with these 3 quick and easy Feng Shui cures!

Are you ready to CREATE MORE of what YOU WANT in your life?

Did you know that when you SHIFT THE ENERGY in your home, you CREATE A CHANGE in energy in your life?

Feng Shui can help you make this ENERGY SHIFT quickly and easily!

What would it feel like to finally...

 Increase your abundance?

Strengthen your most important relationships? 

Enhance your well-being and have more energy? 

Do work that fulfills you and focus more on your purpose?

When you use Feng Shui in your home, you get the energy flowing to support your dreams, desires and goals.

The Feng Shui in 1...2...3! Guidebook, shows you EXACTLY WHAT TO DO to Feng Shui the main floor of your home quickly and easily.

You don't have to spend hours reading or watching videos or guessing to figure out Feng Shui anymore. There is nothing worse than wondering if you are doing it right (I get so many people who stop (or don't even start) Feng Shui'ing because of this uncertainty). 

This Guidebook tells you exactly what to do to Feng Shui your main floor and keeps it simple so you don't need to wonder anymore.

You will know what the Feng Shui cures are and where and how to place them.

Imagine having a tool that will immediately help you create a shift in energy in your home to support a change. Feng Shui can be that tool for you! 

What do you get with the Feng Shui in 1...2...3! Guidebook?

1. In this eBook (that you could choose to print out at home), you will learn how to lay the Bagua Map on the main floor footprint of your home which can be the trickiest part to do in Feng Shui but it is super simple with the step by step process that I teach you. When you lay the Bagua Map on your floorplan, you will know exactly where each area of your life (Abundance, Self-Discovery, Relationships, Creativity, Assistance, Purpose, Wisdom, Community and Well-Being) is energetically represented in your home. This means that you can boost the energy in any part of your life whenever you need and want too. 

2. You will know exactly what colors and elements to put where in your home to create a flow of positive energy and be given examples of what you can use and how you can shop your home for the Feng Shui cures. 

3. You will be able to email me your main floor footprint with the Bagua Map laid on it to ask any questions you have and I will double check that you laid it properly (this is a free mini consultation as part of your purchase of the guidebook). Getting the Bagua Map laid on your footprint properly is very important to get the energy flowing in your home so I want to make sure you are fully supported in this part of the process with the purchase of the Guidebook.

4. You will receive a link to 3 short video trainings to support what you are learning in the eBook. You will not need to watch these to know what to do but they are a great resource for you!

Once you have read the Guidebook, you will know how too...
  • ​Increase the energy in all parts of your life like ABUNDANCE, LOVE, WELL-BEING, and PURPOSE. 
  • ​Purposely place and use your decor to enhance and boost the energy in certain parts of your home to support that area of your life.
  • ​Shift the energy whenever you need to using the Feng Shui colors and elements. 
  • ​If the energy is feeling slow in any part of your life, you will know the Feng Shui cure to shift it and get the energy flowing. 
  • ​If you have a new dream, desire and goal, you will know how to support making it happen with Feng Shui.
  • ​Create a space that not only feels good but supports your personal energy too. Your home will no longer drain you!
  • ​Your energy and the energy in your home or some part of your life doesn't need to feel stuck any more, you can shift that energy with Feng Shui!

The Feng Shui in 1...2...3! Guidebook which includes the eBook, the training videos and the mini Bagua Map Consultation is ONLY $39 CAD for you right now!
(The regular price is $89 CAD so you are SAVING $50 if you order your guidebook today on this page.)

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Don't miss out on this REDUCED PRICE! 

It's only available with this link because I want to help you get the energy flowing in your home and life and this is one way that I can do that!

Once you learn Feng Shui from the Guidebook, you will know exactly what to do to get the energy flowing in your life. Feng Shui really is a lifelong tool and you get it for ONLY $39 CAD!

Feng Shui has given me so many tools to help with not only my energy but the energy in the house and it supports our well-being. It helps create clarity when implementing and creates that shift needed in any area of life. I am so glad that I was able to learn about this. ~ Kami H.

Here is a little look at the Guidebook so that you know what you can expect in the eBook!

I have been doing my cures and adding more into my Community area. The next day, I got amazing compliments from my new job. I'm so happy. I'm looking forward to doing all of my areas. Thank you. I love your ebook. ~ Jan D.

Some common questions about Feng Shui...

I am really busy. I am not sure I have enough time for this.

The Feng Shui in 1...2...3! Guidebook makes it super easy.

The guidebook doesn't go into all of the history of Feng Shui or extra details because I know you are busy and just need to learn the Feng Shui process. I learned it ALL and read ALL of the books so that you don't need too. 

The Guidebook tells you what you need to do exactly what needs to happen. It is meant to help you Feng Shui quickly and easily. 

There are 3 steps to the Feng Shui process which are easy to implement and you could have your main floor Feng Shui'd in a couple of hours if you wanted too. 

What if it doesn’t work? How does it actually work?

Everything is energy. 

This means that all of the décor currently in your home and the colors that are in it vibrate with energy and impact the overall energy in your home and they also impact your personal energy. In Feng Shui, we get the decor and the colors to work for you to create more of what you truly want. 

Think about something you don’t love in your home or maybe a room in your home that you don’t love, how does it make you feel?

Your energy actually decreases every time you notice it. This is energy. 

(Feng Shui is also over 5,000 years old, so even though I’ve seen the impact first hand in my life and in the lives of so many of my clients, I also trust something that has been around for that long.)

Do I have to redecorate my home to Feng Shui? 

I get asked this question a lot! You will not need to redecorate your whole home to add Feng Shui cures. In fact, the Feng Shui cures do not need to be visible in your space to vibrate with the energy that is needed.

Feng Shui cures are specific colors and elements (wood, fire, earth, metal and water) that you place in certain areas of your home based on where they energetically align best. You can easily move decor you already have around to add in the elements and the color can be added quickly, easily and inexpensively (you will learn how to do this in the guidebook).

Does Feng Shui go against my religious beliefs?

Feng Shui is not a religious practice and you can align your personal beliefs with every step of the Feng Shui process. 

There are two spiritual areas in your home that you can tailor towards anything that feels right for you from a religious standpoint.

Feng Shui is meant to enhance the energy in your home and support what your beliefs are, not change them. 

I’ve looked at it before and it seems complicated and will I have to move?

You will not have to move! 

In the version of Feng Shui that I teach and consult with (called BTB Feng Shui), moving is not something you will need to do and no matter what is happening with the floor plan of your home (like missing pieces or stairs in the middle of the home), there is always a cure. 

Feng Shui can be complicated because there are so many different books and courses that you can learn from or refer to. That is why having access to a Feng Shui consultant who has been doing this since 2006 (that's me!), makes Feng Shui a very easy process. I created this guidebook to be easy to read and do! Feng Shui doesn't need to be complicated and it isn't with Feng Shui in 1...2...3!

Is the investment worth it? 

The Guidebook is much less expensive than a virtual consultation and less than a regular book and you have access to it immediately after purchase. 

Feng Shui is a life-long tool. 

You will be able to use this guidebook whenever you need to further boost the energy in some part of your life. This is an investment that can be used over and over again!

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